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 MRLS – 2017

MRLS Lily Show:  The Michigan Regional Lily Society show is scheduled for July 15, 2017, at 9am. It will be held at the home of Stacey and Alicia Boyd.

  • 28775 Streamwood Lane, Southfield
  • East of Telegraph on Twelve Mile Road.
  • Streamwood Lane is the first street on the right.

Our Society members will host a potluck. Which means on that day you’re encouraged to bring a dish for passing. We will have an individual in charge of the potluck, you will be able to contact that person and let them know what you plan on bringing.

Karen Greenwald volunteered to be the Potluck Chairperson. Please call or email her to let her know what you plan on bringing. She can be reached at (248)219-8881 or karen.Greenwald@yahoo.com.

Below is the list of Jobs which we need volunteers for. 

  • Publicity – Eileen and a few others took care of this last year. Linda Ford has already started working in this area. But this is an area that we can all assist in. If you’re a member of another garden club we encourage you to invite them to cut a lily stem and join us, or just come to take in the beautiful display of lilies that will be on hand. If you’ve shared your lilies with your family and neighbors, please invite them to cut a stem and join us. We Still need help in this area.
  • Set up for the show – July 14th, before the start of the show. If the weather permits we can sit up the tables the day before. 
  • Greeters – Meet guests and direct guests to the lily show area. Frank Ford has signed up, we could 1 or 2 more.
  • Be a clerk – Contact Gail Summers if your interested in clerking at jensen@wayne.edu
  • Breakdown of the show.

Bulb Sale October 14, 2017, is the date of this year’s Bulb Sale.

If you would like to join the Bulb Sale committee, please sign up today. One or two people will be fine. 

Alicia Boyd, President (313)492-5665 Cell (248)352-4939 Home

  • Frank Ford, Vice President (313)565-2852
  • Eileen Evans, Pass President (248)681-6453
  • Linda Ford, Membership Chairperson (313)565-2852
  • Richard Bayerl, Web Coordinator (248)349-3267
  • Karen Greenwald, Zoo Garden Maintenance Coordinator (248)219-8881