2017-list with photos

The list of the bulbs in the 2017 MRLS Bulb Sale.

Click on the names to see a popup of a photo of the lily.

NAMEClassHeightBloom timeDescriptionPrice
Trogon13'JulyPink with spotted yellow center.$5.00
Angel Choir13'Lt JuneYellowish white.$6.00
August Gold14'Late JulyBrilliant yellow with purple spots$5.00
Black Eyed Cindy13’-3’.5Mid JulyYellow Green with lg. red brown brushmarks$4.00
Crimson Noble12’-3’Lt JuneDark pink with small black spots$4.00
Dream Julius13’-3.5Early JulyBright yellow with purple spots, pollenless$4.00
Drew Castle13.5’-4Lt June/JulyPeach with white throat, few spots. Pollenless$4.00
Heartstrings13' - 4'JulyBicolor cream to yellow with pink overlay$4.00
Lemon Sherbert13’-3’.5Mid JulyLight yellow green throat$4.00
Morden Butterfly13'-5'JulyCherry red blooms$6.00
My Joe Ann13.5’-4Lt June/JulyLight lavender pink with a flush of yellow$4.00
Netty's Pride12’-3’JuneLarge burgundy center with white tips$4.00
Nutcracker14'-5'JulyTetra - vibrant orange red$6.00
Pearl Jessica13.5'JulyTetra - light salmon pink, recurved$5.00
Purple Life14'JulyWhite with lg dark purple brushmarks, white center$6.00
Red Velvet13.5’-4JulyTetra- Brick red (Hall Of Fame)$6.00
Sunrise Ridge13’-3’.5Lt June/JulyPeach, yellow & pink with large spots$5.00
Super Nova13'Lt June/JulyTetra - Yellow gold$5.00
Amelita23.5’-4May-JunePink with dark spots$14.00
Arabia Night 23’- 4’May-JuneDark red, orange center with red spots$10.00
Chameleon23'-5'May-Junepink, ivory and gold, dark spotting $14.00
Claude Schride23'-5'May-JuneGreyed-Purple$10.00
Cranberry Dancer23.5’-4May-JuneCranberry tips with yellow center$15.00
Dalhansonii25'May-JuneChestnut reddish brown w/ gold centers and spots$10.00
Fairy Morning 23’- 4’May-JunePink with yellow center and maroon spots$14.00
Gaybird23' - 4'May-JuneRich pink with lg red spots, haloed in yellow$15.00
Guinea Gold23'-5'May-JuneCreamy yellow with medium small red spots$11.00
Lois Hole 23'-5'May-JuneViviid yellow with orange pollen$15.00
Mahogany Bells23'-4'May-JuneMahogany with gold throat and small spots$15.00
Manitoba Morning22-3’May-JuneMedium pink with large red spots$12.00
Moonyeen24'-5'May-JunePale purplish pink with dark spots$14.00
Mrs R O Backhouse23'-5'May-JuneStraw yellow, magenta reverse with tiny red spots$10.00
Orange Marmalade23'-5'May-JuneVivid orange with black stems$10.00
Peppard Gold22-3’May-JunePink apricot and yellow with dark spots$14.00
Pink Taurade25'May-JunePink with red spots, outlined in yellow$15.00
Port Wine24'May-JunePurplish red$14.00
St. Albert
(no photo)
23'-6'May-JuneVery large maroon$15.00
Sunny Morning22’-3’May-JuneDeep yellow with large maroon spots$12.00
Terrace City23’- 4’May-JunePink shading to yellow center, with small red spots$14.00
Betty Sturley63'JulyWhite with half of the petals yellow…pappilae$8.00
Amber Lights83'-4'Early AugTetra- Enormous glowing amber,wit a ring of tiny spots$8.00
Anastasia84’ - 6’Mid AugHuge wide open white flowers with rose pink center$7.00
Arbatax83'- 4'Early JulyLg. pink with icy white, fragrant $7.00
Belltower 83'-5'July/AugTetra- Huge white bell shaped trumpets, with peach-rose throats$13.00
Black Beauty83'-4'Early AugRed, white edge, black papillae, refexed, triploid$5.00
Carbonero84'JulyLarge bloom of intense glossy lipstick red, very striking$8.00
Courier83'-5'Lt. June/AugUnspotted ivory with green Nector$7.00
Easter Morn83' - 4'AugustHuge easter lily type white with pinkish edge and yellow center$10.00
Elusive84'AugustYellow & pink blend$8.00
Fiery Belles83.5’-4JulyShimmering orange with purple backs$6.00
Flava83'- 4'Lt June/JulyWide petalled rose red centers,edged in cream-yellow$7.00
Flinstone84'Early AugEnormous yellow blooms with dark pollen$5.00
Fusion84'Late JulyBrick red with older centers, covered with spots$12.00
Gloriana84’ - 6’Early AugHoney-gold starburst flowers with red whiskers$8.00
Ice Caves85'Mid JulyFragrant - Large white blooms$9.00
Kaveri84'Late JulyOutfacing golden blooms with bronze red on tips$6.00
Lankon84'Late JulyFragrant - White blooms heavily spotted with purple$10.00
Leslie Woodriff85'Early AugTetra- Tips and edges white, red surface$5.00
Madame Butterfly83'JulyIvory flowers with an apricot gold throat, lots papillae$10.00
Purple Diamond83.5'JulyEnormous shimmering purple red blooms$5.00
Quintessence86’JulyCream yellow with older throat$9.00
Richmond83.5’-4July/AugFragrant - Large white blooms, up facing$7.00
Scheherazade84’ - 6’Late AugRed recurved with gold edge$6.00
Starburst Sensation83'-5'Late July/AugInside purplish red with yellowish tips$8.00
Tabledance84’ - 6’Late JulyEnormous pink blooms$6.00
Time Zone83.5’-4Late JulyFragrant - Raspberry rose with white star center$5.00
Toyland83’-3’.5JulySalmon, yellow, pink and white with a few spots$4.00
lilium hansonii9July/AugYellow turks cap, spotted brown$10.00
lilium henryi93'-6'Late July/AugGolden orange with Papillate “whiskers”. Blooms a long time$7.00