President’s Notes March 2016

March, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I hope your all enjoying warmer than usual days we’ve been experiencing. I took a walk in the garden on Saturday.  I was so excited to see the allium, tulips, daffodils, fritillaries and even a few Martagons greeting me through the mulch.

Below is a tentative schedule with our Summer activities. Please keep in mind with the exception of the dates for Dexter Green Day  and the NALS convention. All  other dates listed below are tentative. We will vote on them at our first meeting of the season.

  • February – We voted by email to donate $1000.00 to help support the 2016 North American Lily Society Lily Show. After putting out the Financial Report, more than 90 percent of our members agreed to making the donation. We also paid our 2016 Dues which was $50.00.
  • March – We sent in our donation. Richard Bayerl secured our website hosting for the next 3 years. Over the next few months the website will be a work in progress.
  • April – l have to attend the Detroit Zoo annual the Gardener Seasonal Kickoff meeting on the 9th or 27th. Myself and one other member must attend this meeting. All flower order forms with payment must be turned in at this meeting.
  • This year should try and hold our first meeting of the season this month. So we can get started on preparing for our Lily Show. Maybe Saturday, April 23 at the church or someone’s home. This would be a nice time to get things started. We could make it a light Luncheon.
  • May – We put down a wonderful blanket of aged pine bark mulch in the Fall. But we need to apply some Preen and Feed. May 21st  9am- 2pm Dexter Green Day. At this event we will have two tables, where we will answer questions and pass out literature about Lilies and give individuals the opportunity to join our Society. We will also raffle off the potted single lilies bulbs I planted in my yard last fall. If your available to help out at this event please let me know. Four people would be great, that would be two people at each table.
  • June – Meeting or some type of event. Hopefully we can have this meeting in someone’s garden. That way we can have a lesson on choosing, cutting and packing lilies for a Lily Show. We might want to Visit SW Gardens this month.
  • July – The NALS Show is July 6th – 10th. We’re planning on hosting our own show on the 16th or 23rd. We would like to get the Bulb Sale committee together this month.
  • August – some type of event. Bulb Sale Committee selection meeting.
  • September- We need a volunteered to speak at the Dexter garden club meeting on Tuesday, the 13th. We will also be taking preorders for lily bulbs at this meeting.
  • October – 15th Bulb Sale. Detroit Zoo Bed clean up.

We’re looking for a new membership chairperson. This individual keeps track of the members and make sure the dues are current. We’re also looking for a secretary, this person would take minutes at our meetings and help with preparing the paperwork that’s needed to keep the club running smoothly. If you’re interested in filling one of these position, please give me a call at 248-352-4939.

Alicia Boyd
MRLS President