President’s Notes May 1, 2016

May 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I’ll start by saying sorry for putting out such a long email but we have a lot of items to cover.

I hope your Gardens are filled with daffodils, tulips and many awakening perennials, just as mine is. My lilies are doing phenomenally, especially the Martagons.

Well a lot has been going on behind the scenes over the last month or so. The Lily show committee met to go over the Lily show supplies we’ve had stored away for almost ten years, put together a Show Program. As well as work on all the other logistics that makes a great Lily Show. We want to make this Lily Show our biggest event of the Summer and we can if we all work together. If we all volunteer to do a little something, then everything will get done. But the biggest factor in making a Lily Show successful is “Lilies, Lilies, Lilies”. We have to cut and bring Lilies, our best stems to be judged. You may enter as many stems as you like. There will be monetary awards as well as gift certificates redeemable at our October 2016 Bulb Sale. Not to mention the wonderful trophies that will have your name engraved on it and stay in your possession for a year, if you’re lucky enough to win one. This event is scheduled for July 16, 2016.  It will be held at my home on the back deck. With tents, tables and all the bell and whistles that accompany a true Lily Show.

During the Lilly show we are also hosting a Silent Auction. All the funds raised will go towards purchasing lily bulbs to plant in our proposed garden at a senior citizen complex. Right now we have a Senior Citizen complex in Lincoln Park on board. Looking for something a little closer. So please feel free to donate any items you like, no matter how big or small. In fact, in order to raise funds, we must have your donated items.  All items are welcome – a potted perennial from your garden that you have to divide (please label), bud vase, golf balls, thank you notes you might have laying around and unopened, books, a bottle of wine, garden art, any type of garden supplies you might have too many of. Nothing will be turned away.

In addition to the silent auction our society members will host a potluck. Which means on that day you’re encouraged to bring a dish for passing. We will have an individual in charge of the potluck, you will be able to contact that person and let them know what you plan on bringing. That way we can make sure we’re collecting various dishes and not all the same.

Below is the list of Jobs that you can volunteer for, if there’s a position you would like to fill please contact me as soon as possible. This is all new to me, if there’s anything else that we need and I failed to mention please bring it to my attention.

  • Publicity – Eileen has volunteered. But this is an area that we can all assist in. If you’re a member of another garden club we encourage you to invite them to cut a lily stem and join us, or just come to take in the beautiful display of the lilies that will be on hand. If you’ve shared your lilies with your family and neighbors, please invite them to cut a stem and join us.
  • Printing and folding of Programs – This can be done one evening, while enjoying a glass of wine. Yum!!
  • Set up for the show – July 16th , before the start of the show. If the weather permits we can sit up the tables the day before.
  • Greeters – meet guest and direct them to the Lily staging area.
  • Clerks – Someone to make sure the tags are filled out properly.
  • Potluck contact person.
  • Silent auction chairperson – keep track of all items donated and make sure a silent auction form is made up for each.
  • Breakdown of the show after the show – this will be a good way to burn off all the delicious food you eat.

Other Society Business:

Dexter Green Day is Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 9am – 2pm, In The Gazebo on Main Street Dexter, there will be lots of local Plant Venders and Gardening advise. We will have a table at this event where will offer advice on planting and caring for lilies. We will also sign up new members and give a free potted lily bulb (our Zoo bulbs and leftovers from the sale, that I planted in pots this past fall), to anyone who signs up and pays the membership dues. We are in need of a few members to help work this event. So far Dick & Rimmer have volunteered to help. Most of you might recall, this is the group that purchased lots of bulbs from us this past fall.  So even if you don’t plan on working our information table, please come out and support them.

May 27 to June 4, is planting week at the Detroit Zoo. We currently had a few Black-eyed Susan’s around the perimeter. So we need to select an annual to go along with those. We also need to replace a few of the silver mound and sedum. If you have a suggestion please let us know as soon as possible, otherwise we’ll just go with zinnia’s or the same short dahlia’s we used last year. We will need volunteers to help with the planting of the annuals. We’ll send out an email containing information on the morning that will be doing our planting, once we filtered through your suggestions.

We always have our first meeting of the season in June. If you would like to host this meeting at your home/Garden, please contact me as soon as possible.

So I guess I’ll call it quits here. I’m tired of typing, my brain is on information overload and I’m sure you are all tired of reading!

Happy Gardening & Have a wonderful week,
Alicia Boyd
MRLS President